Ottica Pretolani - Treatment Optifog

Ottica Pretolani - Treatment Optifog

Optifog UV treatment (anti-fog)

The Optifog Lens has unique, hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellence properties. The anti-fog top layers placed on the Optifog lens are activated with the Optifog Activator Cloth. Other than anti-fog properties these lenses also offer a more scratch resistant, reflexion preventing and dazzeling lens to the wearer that is more clear and less prone to dirt. Neither heat nor cold nor humid conditions will ever cause fog to form on Optifog lenses!

Benefits for the wearer:
Clear vision
Sharp images
No image distortion or loss of contrast

How do I activate Optifog:
The treatment is activated by passing a special microfiber cloth over the Lens that will be provided with the lens. Thanks to the molecules in in the cloth that come in contact with the lenses, it prevents water from condensating.

POLYCARBONATE lenses + treatment Optifog
12 times more resistant than shatterproof lenses
30% lighter
high resistance, bulletproof

Bulletproof lenses

Lente testata con piombo 7,5 con cartuccia da 28 gr. a 25 metri di distanza